PVC Glazed Tile Extrusion Line

Because of its beautiful, generous appearance and easy cutting and installation performance, glazed tiles are widely used in the construction of villas and self-service houses; according to the needs of different regions, Grace designed many classic shapes such as Brazilian colonial and Chinese bamboo The joint type and the European big wave type have achieved market success; and according to customer requirements, the barrel and screw with special alloy treatment with more than 2 layers of multi-layer composite technology can meet the production needs of 60-80 PHR high filling formula. The forming mechanism adopts.

The special air-cooled cooling method combined with the reinforced molding module greatly improves the production efficiency and can meet the output demand of 400-600kg h. The Grace team, which has more than 30 successful delivery experience of global projects, can tailor the entire plant for turnkey projects.


  • Extrusion line catalog - GRACE [PDF]