General purpose machines

Precise and stable

Fully optimize injection unit to ensure precision and stability

Wide range of application

-Larger machine specifications -Stronger power and faster response -Wider processing range and lower repeated investment costs

Reliable and durable

-Higher overall rigidity of machine -Uniform-stress molding technology -More stable and reliable operation of machine


-User-freindly HMI -Integrate a great deal of common functional software -Carry out feasible and maintenance-freindly solutions to give customers more flexibility and ease during use.

High-efficiency and energy-saving

-The third-generation servo system -Low noise, strong power and quick response in operation

different models of injection moulding machine, Toggle machine, with a servo
pump system allowing energy savings and precise and efficient moulding

SKII (90T - 480T)

A5 (60T – 2600T)


  • Catalog SKII series- YIZUMI [PDF]
  • Catalogue A5 Series - YIZUMI [PDF]