High-speed machines

Robust Toggles

The overall optimized design of toggle strength and rigidity greatly improves the stability of the clamping and effectively extends the service life of the machine

Unique Large Beveled Cosshead Toggles Design

Large beveled structure can better transfer force from the tail toggle hole to the center of the platen to minimize the platen deformation , ensure the uniformity of force applied on the platens and mold, extend the service life, and make certain the quality of products.

Optimized Control Program

Selecting the high-quality hydraulic components to reduce response time, oil circuit impact, and overall machine noise. Machine will go through a number of tests and optimizing adjustments to meet the high quality requirements.

Single Cylinder Injection Unit

The compact single cylinder injection structure renders features such as small movement inertia, short acceleration time, and high repetitive accuracy of injection. It can be adapted to a variety of injection units according to different product processing requirements.

Optimized Cylinder Sealing Structure

Based on many years of manufacturing experience and the characteristics of oil circuit in high-speed single cylinder devices, the cylinder sealing structure is furthe r optimi zed to ensure the durability of the injection unit and avoid oil leakage.

High-rigid Machine Frame

The Steel I-Beam type machine frame provides sufficient rigidity to ensure a smooth and vibrationfree operation at high speed.

High-rigid and Low Deformation Platens

The adoption of reinforced platen design according to the characteristics of thin-walled packaging products. With perfect combination of strength and rigidity, while minimize the platen deformation, it maintains a flexible and smooth movement.

Horizontal Dual-carriage Design

The adoption of horizontal dual-carriage cylinder design effectively eliminates the turning torque of the injection mechanism and ensures a stable and reliable injection.

Efficient Power Output

Power output is optimized to realize the step distribution of 150-800mm/s injection speed.

Fast and stable machines, specially designed for thin wall and packaging applications.

Série PAC/PAC-K ( 200 T - 550 T)


  • Catalog PAC Series- YIZUMI [PDF]