Multi-component machines

More durable anti-wear turntable design

The combination of double-row needle bearings that have high load capacity and magnetically levitated turntable technology makes the turntable more durable and reliable.

More excellent injection stability

The injection accuracy is further enhanced thanks to the low-inertia moving part design, accurate temperature control and non-stick plasticizing screw.

More scientific custom design

Modular combinations of different injection units and power units according to different processes requirements and the free programming function enable customization to become increasingly mature.

Higher mold-open stability

Optimal hydraulic circuit design and smart deceleration technology enable the mold-open position repeatability to reach ±0.3mm

More advanced turntable control technology

With the digital closed-loop positioning technology, turntable positioning is accurate to three decimal places and the repeatability is up to ±0.001 degrees

More user-friendly interface

The foolproof and simple operating interface design with the user habits fully considered makes the control system more easy to use

C series is mainly committed to producing colourful and dual material products.

C-BTP (120T - 750T)


  • C Series catalog - YIZUMI [PDF]