AFC INDUSTRY is an integrated industrial solutions company for a variety of application fields, offering a wide range of machines through its partners for various processing processes such as:

  • Injection moulding machines
  • Blow Extrusion Machines 
  • Automated brush machines, packaging & automatization lines 
  • Recycled line
  • Extrusion line 
  • Moulds and auxiliaries


Guangdong YIZUMI Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in Guangdong, China in 2002 and has spread its wings worldwide. Specializing in the moulding equipment manufacturing industry, it offers a unique solution as an equipment supplier, integrating design, research and development, manufacturing, sales and customer service functions.

 YIZUMI has currently established various business divisions, namely, injection molding machine, die casting machine, rubber injection machine, high speed packaging machine and robotic automation system 


Since 1999, Chinese leader in extrusion-blowing. R&D department was created even before starting the manufacture of machines. In just 3 years, it has become No. 1 in Extrusion-Blowing, classified by the Chinese Plastic Machinery Industry Association. She was elected “Vice President Unit” of the Chinese Plastic Technology Centre.


Since 2012, GRACE is based on Jiangsu China, and keeps the whole world development in view. 

Focuses on plastic extrusion and recycling equipment manufacturing field, GRACE is an equipment supplier integrating design, R&D, production, sales and service


Since 1902, world leader in the field of brushes, medical & cosmetic. ZAHORANSKY invents automated machines for the manufacture of brushes, and has turned to the fields of blister packaging, cosmetics, and molds for plastic injection. It stands out for the quality and robustness of its products. It holds 80% of the global tooth brush market